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Shock Indicator Labels 37g Purple

Special Price 307

Regular Price: 319.00


Highly visible Shock Indicator Labels indicate when an impact occurs that can potentially damage products in the transportation chain.


Product Description

·       Highly visible labels that alert carriers to handle with care

•      Reduces incidents of damage

•      When used with alert labels, a Shock Indicator Label reduces the incidence of dam damage by raising awareness that the package is being monitored.

•      Detects impacts from all directions

•      Helps confirm the effectiveness of packaging

•      Can help identify trouble spots in the transportation chain.

•      A visual reminder to handle a package with care as carriers know the package is being monitored.


•      Labels are tamperproof and turn red when an excessive impact occurs.


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Summernote 0.8.1 · Project · Issues

Purple: 37g at 50msec.

Placement: Upper right hand corner Exception: on large items where length is twice the width, use two labels on opposite sides of shipment, diagonally from one another.

Application Examples:

•      Avionics Equipment

•      Lamps/China/Porcelain

•      Electro-mechanical Equipment

•      Auto Parts

•      Art/Sculpture

•      Sheet Metal

•      Computer Equipment/Media

•      Furniture



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