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Testo 570-1 Set - Refrigeration manifold

Special Price 92195

Regular Price: 101413.00


Purchasing the testo 570-1 refrigeration manifold ideally equips you to carry out quick, reliable measurements on refrigeration systems and heat pumps along with temperature-compensated tightness tests. Moreover, it calculates super heating and sub cooling simultaneously.

  • 40 refrigerants are stored in the instrument
  • Calculation of superheating and subcooling possible in parallel
  • 999 hours of recording readings
  • Set includes a clamp temperature probe for measuring the surface temperature of pipes

Product Description

For refrigeration systems and heat pumps to function smoothly and efficiently, the pressure, temperatures and any system superheating or subcooling need to be monitored. The testo 570-1 refrigeration manifold can record or calculate all these values and also enable temperature-compensated tightness testing. Which is why our 4-way refrigeration manifold supplies you with the key information that you need for the optimum commissioning and maintenance of refrigeration systems or for error diagnosis. Complex manual comparisons and calculations (e.g. of superheating and subcooling), which would be necessary when using analog manifolds, are not needed.

Thanks to digital technology, several manual steps and calculations are no longer required

-  Record readings over a period of up to 999 hours: the results are safely stored in the instrument, even for long-term measurements on refrigeration systems or heat pumps
-  Real-time recording and graphic presentation of measurement data: as an option you can purchase the “EasyKool” software, which can be used to clearly present the measurement data. This is particularly useful for identifying sources of error in the event of a fault, and taking countermeasures if needed
-  Protocol access and printout: the testo fast printer, which is available as an option, enables on-site printout of measurement data. You can also view the measurement protocols in the “EasyKool” software (optional)
-  Suitable for all common refrigerants: 40 current refrigerants are stored in the manifold and can be updated if necessary using the optional “EasyKool” software
-  Pressure measurement with automatic temperature calculation: high and low pressure is measured via two temperature-compensated pressure sensors, which automatically calculate the temperatures in addition
-  Three connections for external temperature probes: connect up to three temperature probes (optional) in order to calculate superheating and subcooling in parallel and record the ambient temperature (e.g. in cold storage rooms)
-  Integrated vacuum measurement: when evacuating refrigeration systems, you can use the 4-way manifold to carry out vacuum measurements. The integrated vacuum sensor enables precise vacuum measurements
-  Automatic heat pump mode: saves you from having to change refrigerant hoses
-  Other features such as temperature-compensated tightness testing and automatic ambient pressure compensation are included in the refrigeration manifold


Together with the testo 570-1 refrigeration manifold, you also get a clamp temperature probe. Simply clamped to the pipe, this reliably measures the surface temperature. Our probes range also includes attachable probes for measuring temperature, current or oil pressure.

Robust and convenient – the refrigeration manifold works like a pro
The testo 570-1 refrigeration manifold is suitable for practical use, largely thanks to its robust 4-way valve block with 4 connections, 4 hose parkers and its inspection glass. Maintenance and servicing tasks on refrigeration systems and heat pumps are made easier due to the manageability of the instrument.
With its solid housing, the refrigeration manifold is protected against impacts. A suspension hook on the back secures the instrument during the measurement. In addition, the manifold has a large, illuminated display, so you will have no problem reading off the readings, even in a dark environment.
Recommendation: if you would like to have a key accessory to hand, you can purchase the refrigeration manifold testo 570-2 Set. This manifold set contains a second clamp temperature probe, the “EasyKool” software, a USB cable, a mains unit and a transport case.


Delivery Scope

testo 570-1 digital 4-way manifold set including a clamp temperature probe, calibration protocol and batteries.

Measuring range -50 to +150 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C (±1 Digit)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Probe connection 3 x Plug-in (NTC)
Pressure measurement
Measuring range 50 bar
Accuracy ±0.5 % fs (±1 Digit)
Resolution 0.01 bar / 0.1 psi
Probe connection 3 x 7/16" – UNF + 1 x 5/8'' – UNF
Overload rel. (low pressure) 52 bar
Overload rel. (high pressure) 52 bar
Low pressure rel. 50 bar
High pressure rel. 50 bar
Vacuum measurement
Measuring range -1 to 0 bar
Accuracy 1 % fs
Resolution 1 hPa / 1 mbar / 500 micron
General technical data
Dimensions 280 x 135 x 75 mm
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C
Protection class IP42
Warranty 2 years
Battery life approx. 40 h (w/o illumination)
Display type LCD
Pressure media CFC; HFC; N; H?O; CO?
Refrigerants in instrument R12; R123; R22; R123; R134a; R227; R290; R401A; R401B; R401C; R402A; R402B; R404A; R406A; R407A; R407C; R408A; R409A; R410A; Ra11A; R413A; R414B; R416A; R417A; R420A; R421A; R421B; R422A; R422B; R422D; R424A; R427A; R434A; R437A; R438A; R502; R503; R507; R600; R600a; R718 (H?O); R744 (only in the permitted measurement range up to 50 bar); R1234yf (display: T8 for testo 557) refrigerant update possible by customer (via "EasyKool" software)
Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C
Weight 1200 g

Documentation of the measurements carried out

You can save measurements directly in the instrument using the integrated data memory and then analyse, further process and document them later via the EasyKool software.

Evacuation of refrigeration systems

You can carry out evacuations quickly and safely with the integrated vacuum measurement and no additional measuring instruments are needed.

Quick and easy troubleshooting

For measurements on more complex systems with the testo 570, you can get a direct graphic display of the measuring values with a laptop and the EasyKool software. This online measurement means you very quickly find the causes of faults and can remedy them.

Refrigerant update by customer

Testo now offers over 80 different refrigerants for digital manifolds. With the testo 570, you can quickly import the latest refrigerant yourself via the EasyKool software.

Simultaneous determination of superheating and subcooling

The testo 570 automatically calculates superheating and subcooling of the system using up to 3 temperature probes which can be connected at the same time. Ambient temperature or flue gas temperature can also be checked with the third connectable probe.

Tightness testing of refrigeration systems

The testo 570 can carry out a temperature-compensated leakage test of the system for rough tightness testing. To do this, the system pressure at the start of the measurement is compared with the one at the end and any difference there may be is displayed directly.