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Irreversible Textile Strips - H Range

Special Price 1535

Regular Price: 1700.00


A range of temperature test strips specifically developed for the Textile industry that will record permanently, the highest bracketed temperature reached by the label.

It ranges from 127 deg c to 171 deg c.

1 pack contains 50 nos.


Product Description

Highly accurate heat indicators designed for use within the textile bonding process. The individual temperature settings will permanently change colour to indicate the temperature achieved.

Perfect for temperature testing when using a fusing machine, confirming the temperature at the bonding site and ensuring that garments finished or pressed when exposed to temperature do not overheat.

Size: 83x6mm

Type: Vertical, Non-Adhesive

Scale: °C

Pack Size: Sold in packs of 50

Adhesive: N/A

Film: Polyester

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