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Shock Indicator Protect-A-Pak 5g

Special Price 956

Regular Price: 995.00


Protect-A-Pak is one of the world’s most popular single-use, low-cost impact indicators.


Product Description

•      Provides a visual indication that hidden damage may have occurred.

•      When used with alert labels, a Protect-A-Pak reduces the incidence of damage by raising awareness that the package is being monitored.

•      Promotes accountability amongst handlers throughout the transportation chain.

•      Omnidirectional device, detects impacts from all directions.

•      Can be mounted to a surface via self-adhesive or flush mounted with a mounting flange.

•      Helps confirm the effectiveness of packaging

•      Can help identify trouble spots in the transportation chain


•      The cross spring and bearing design is engineered for simplicity and responsiveness.

Impact Duration:



1” (2.5 cm)


1 1\4” (3.2 cm)


1 oz. (28.35)

Operating Temperature:

-100°F to 155°F (-73°C to 68°C)




Surface mounted via self-adhe­sive flush

Accessories (click on accessory for large view)

Shock Label Companion Label
Increases handler’s awareness that the package is being monitored and provides instructions on receiving damaged shipments.
Fragile Label Applied to shipping boxes as a visual reminder that package is fragile and is being monitored
Alert Tape Alerts handlers that package is being monitored.

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